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We have a long history of quality feeds and all purpose grain mixes. It takes the best ingredients to make the best final products, excellent milling processes, and the most skilled milling personal to make our consistent quality feeds. Click on the links below to view feeds and supplements for livestock.


Lambs & Goats

Chickens & Turkeys




Grains & Ingredients

Organic Feeds
Layer and Chick feeds
Broiler and Turkey feeds
Dairy mixes
Beef mixes

Calf mixes with Bovatec
Calf mixes with Deccox
Pig mixes
Lamb mix
Horse mixes
Horse mixes
Organic Dairy and Calf mixes
Organic Lay Mixes
Organic Turkey and Pig feeds

For cattle, we have a dairy mix to fit your ration. Texture feeds use rolled grains, pellets and molasses to make a palatable diet for animals of all ages and stages of production.
Calf Starter Mix
Available with Deccox® brand coccidiostat or Bovatec
17% Protein 50 lb bag
Organic Calf Starter Mix   50 lb bag
Calf Grower
Available with Deccox® brand coccidiostat or Bovatec
14% Protein 80 lb bag
Dry Cow Pellet (Close Up)   50 lb bag
Organic Dry Cow Pellet   50 lb bag
Dairy Mixes 16%, 14%, 12% 80 lb bag
Dairy Pellets 14% 80 lb bag
Steer Fattener Mix 10% Protein 80 lb bag
Beef Builder Mix
A show feed with live yeast culture and Bovatec for improved performance.
12% Protein 80 lb bag
Organic 14% All Purpose Mix Beef or Dairy 50 lb bag
Custom Mixes Available   50 lb bag

Lambs & Goats
16% Show Lamb Mix W-Bovatec Designed for fast growth in market lambs. Contains Bovatec for protection against coccidiosis, and Ammonium Chloride for prevention of urinary calculi. 50 lb bags
Goat Grower W-Deccox 50 lb bags
Essential Goat Grower (Summer) . 50 lb bags

Organic Pig Starter Pellets 21% protein 50 lb sacks
Pig Grower Pellets 16% protein 50 lb sacks
Hog Finisher Pellets 13% protein 50 lb sacks
Show Hog Pellets (seasonal) Show Hog BUILDER 18% show Feed. 50 lb sacks
Sow Ration Pellets 16% protein 50 lb sacks

Rabbit Pellets 15% protein 50 lb bags
Templeton Rabbit Pellets 17% protein 50 lb bags

We come by our egg basket logo honestly, since Hunt & Behrens, Inc. began when Petaluma was the Egg Basket Capital of the World. We continue that tradition today with our poultry mixes to meet your needs.
20% Lay Pellets or Crumbles A high protein mix well suited for molting season, or mixing 50/50 with grains to make a 16% protein mix. 50 lb bag
16% Lay Pellets or Crumbles A complete layer diet in a homogenized and consistent form. 50 lb bag
16% Cage Mix Also know as Laying Mash. An all time favorite with oyster shell included. 50 lb bag
20% Baby Chick Mash For feeding baby chicks, turkey poults, or ducklings until full feathered. 50 lb bag
Growing Chick Grains (Chick Scratch) A finely ground scratch grains for young birds or wild bird feeding. 50 lb bag
26% Gamebird Pellets Our highest protein poultry feed with specific applications for meat, or show birds. 50 lb bag
20% Broiler Grower Pellet A meatbird grower for 4 weeks and older with Oregano for natural birds. 50 lb bag
22% Broiler Starter Crumble A meatbird or laying chick starter with Oregano for natural birds. 50 lb bag
Mix Grains Scratch Cracked Corn, Wheat and Milo. 50 lb bag
Organic Lay Crumbles Same nutrition as our conventional mixes, made with certified Organic grains. 50 lb bag
Organic Lay Pellets Same nutrition as our conventional mixes, made with certified Organic grains. 50 lb bag
20% Chick Starter ORG Crumbles . 50 lb bag
Organic Turkey Grower Pellet* For weeks 8-finish 20% Protein. 50 lb bag
Organic Turkey Starter Crumble* From Hatch to 8 weeks 27% protein. 50 lb bag
* Seasonal Spring/Fall .  

26% Gamebird Crumble 50 lb bag
26% Gamebird Pellets 50 lb bag
Organic Turkey Grower Crumble* 50 lb bag
* Seasonal Spring/Fall  

Other Feeds
Alfalfa Hay Pellets 50 lb bag
Hay Pellets Gradd 50 lb bag
Oat Hay Pellets 50 lb bag
Red Wheat Bran 50 lb bag
Calf Manna 50 lb bag
Calva Calf Milk Replacer 50 lb bag
Lamb Lac Milk Replacer 3 lb jar
20 lb bag
Kid Lac Milk Replacer 5 lb jar
20 lb bag


H&B Sweet Mix We blend corn, oats and barley with molasses to make a highly palatable grain. A great grain to mix with dietary supplements. Also available dry (without molasses). 9% protein
8% fiber
3.25% fat
75 lb bag
H&B Horse Mix Similar to the sweet mix with an added protein pellet. 15% protein
11% fiber
2.75% fat.
80 lb bag
Dr. Clarke's Horse Pellets A pelleted feed - developed by a Petaluma horse veterinarian - is ideal for adding energy to diets for growing foals, performance and breeding horses. The pellets are easy to chew for older horses who are hard keepers. 10% protein
9% fiber
3% fat
50 lb bag

TDI Horse Feeds
The finest equine rations that modern research can produce. TDI horse feeds are available nationwide. We are one of the only two California manufacturing facilities authorized to produce and distribute TDI Horse Feed.
TDI 10 Supplement A pelleted feed specifically formulated for pregnant mares, also recommended for "easy keepers", and young horses exhibiting signs of Development Orthopedic Disease. An economical way to elevate mineral and vitamin levels without adding excess protein or energy. 10% protein
5% fiber
3% fat
50 lb bag
TDI Senior Horse Complete A beet pulp based complete feed designed for reduced dust and complete nutrition. High levels of antioxidants, biotin, and Vitamin B12. 13% protein
13% fiber
4% fat
50 lb bag
Grains & Ingredients
Barley Cleaned 50 lb bag
Corn Cleaned 50 lb bag
Cracked Corn 50 lb bag
Milo Cleaned 50 lb bag
Oats Cleaned 80 lb bag
Rolled Barley 75 lb bag
Rolled Corn & Barley 75 lb bag
Rolled Corn 70 lb bag
Rolled Oats 70 lb bag
Wheat Cleaned 50 lb bag
Wheat Mill run 70 lb bag
Molasses 5 Gal 50 lb jug
Molasses Bulk 500 lb
(Your Container) Minimum
Rice Bran 50 lb bag
Screenings 80 lb bag
Soybean Meal 50 lb bag
Organic Cracked Corn 50 lb bag
Organic Rolled Corn   80 lb bag
Organic Feeds      
We are proud to introduce our organic feed label at Hunt & Behrens, Inc. In October of 2003, we completed the steps necessary to certify our facility for mixing organic feeds on-site. The mill facility is certified by Organic Certifiers. We have an excellent supplier base and superb nutritional packages in our organic feed. Currently we are manufacturing for bulk delivery, as well as sacked feed for sale to dealers and the general public. For dealer inquiries please contact us.   Sacked Products include the following:
All Purpose Cattle mix 14% protein 80 lb sacks
Lay Crumbles 16% protein 50 lb sacks
Lay Pellets 16% protein 50 lb sacks
Chick Crumble 20% protein 50 lb sacks
Cracked Corn   50 lb sacks
Calf Starter   80 lb sacks
Dry Cow Pellets
(with Anionic Salts
  80 lb sacks
Turkey Starter Crumble   50 lb sacks
Turkey Grower Pellet   50 lb sacks

NOP Seal
The National Organic Program (NOP) certification is respected because of the high standards, inspections, and paper trail required on each ingredient. It is truly a mark of distinction and we are proud to feature it on our products. We also have a variety of bulk feeds available for certified organic dairies, beef operations, egg layers, meat birds, turkeys, and swine. Custom mixes require a 4 ton minimum order. We require that bulk customers have an upright bin or covered storage in an area in which our trucks can turn around year round.

We can help in your Organic certification. Over the past five years our customers have certified with QAI, Marin County Organic, CCOF, and other nationally recognized certifying agencies.

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