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Our store carries a complete line of
livestock, pet, and animal health supplies.  
  Our web site will provide you with an overview of our history, products, services and store location and contact information.

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Hunt & Behrens Online is a modern extension of our facility in Petaluma that has served customers with a variety of animals for over 80 years.

Our facilities offer you commercial livestock and pet products and customized feed mixes for various types of livestock.
Feel free to explore what we can offer you and your animals.
If you have questions, you are welcome to drop by or give us a call.
  Our primary objective is to provide you the highest quality of feed for your livestock and poultry and the highest quality of services. In order to accomplish these goals:  
  Our customized feed mixes are produced at our Petaluma facility. Our batching system allows us to precisely batch feed.
  Our large warehouse and on-site production results in fresh feed always in stock for all your livestock and poultry.   Our efficient delivery service allows us to deliver different feeds in multiple lots.This H&B Feedliner truck can deliver 6 different feeds in 4 ton lots.  

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